PRESMAR is certified in Quality management, according to the guidelines of ISO 9001, policy implemented since 2008. By means of this Policy we set as our main goal the satisfaction of our customers, by the application of modern techniques of production and exhaustive quality and safety controls, which aim to improve the quality of the final product and to attaining a high level of personal, environmental and property protection.

To put it briefly, for PRESMAR the quality is based on the commitment to keep a process of constant improvement, adapting ourselves to the needs and requirements of our clients and the market.

Our recent joining (in 2014) to the Spanish Association of Phytosanitaries and Environmental Healthy (AEFISA) has strengthened our commitment and principles, since the main goal of this Association is to defend the constant supply of high quality products in the Spanish agriculture sector. These products have to be safe and effective for users, consumers, animals and the natural environment.




Link: Safety, Environment and Quality Policy