PRESMAR started its activity in 1981 and, since then, it has been steadily increasing its facilities and providing them with the necessary tools to achieve the highest quality available today. This has allowed us to be certified by several national and international companies to work as an assembly plant for their phytosanitary products and biocides.

PRESMAR works in formulations and packaging of phytosanitary products, biocides, fertilizers and phytoregulators for companies in the industrial sector. However, it does not commercialize directly any of its products in order not to interfere with its clients´ interests and their final consumer.

This is endorsed by the training of our staff, the reliability of our products and the honesty and dependability of each and every one of our actions. 

The facilities are divided into areas isolated from each other for the sake of security and prevention of cross-contamination. We are situated in a 48.000 m2 industrial state where we have at our disposal:

1. Different production plants.

2. A 2.000 m2 courtyard for dispatching equipped with 2 automatic bays for loading and unloading of goods.

3. Laboratory and offices.

4. Storage sheds.

Over all these years, we have developed an intensive research work in collaboration with different reputable and well-regarded institutions (such as Spanish Superior Council for Scientific Research, University of Seville, The Almeria Solar Platform, etc.) in order to achieve the best formulations, to optimize efficiency and to minimize the environmental impacts thanks to formulations in line with the development of sustainable agriculture.

PRESMAR has a staff team that combines youth and excellent preparation, as result of experience gained, along with continuing retraining.

PRESMAR has been characterized by its concern about environment and its support for the development of crop protection products by applying all the knowledge acquired to improve all those products that are elaborated in its facilities so that their environmental impact would be little or non-existent.

This idiosyncrasy led us to adhere to the Chemical Industry Declaration on its Commitment to Environmental Progress.