PRESMAR offers a personalized service in formulations, as well as the highest technical advice. The client stablishes the required formulation and its characteristics of their company (thickness, colour, etc.). The client and we will sign a confidentiality agreement that guarantees the uniqueness of the formula in question.

We are aware of the lack of predictability in the industrial sector and, therefore, we know very well the impossibility to give notice in advance about the production as well as the quantities and the urgent need to prepare a particular product in a specific time without prior notice. From the beginning, PRESMAR is aimed at facing this kind of situations and is specialized in responding quickly and effectively to any particular order in the least time possible. So far, we have achieved this goal perfectly well since it is one of our commercial pillars.

To that end, we count on four plants for producing and packing, separated from each other in order to avoid cross-contamination.

Plants of herbicide concentrate suspensions (S. C.)

Plant of insecticide emulsifiers liquids (E. C.)

Plant of fungicide concentrate suspensions (S. C.)

Plant of soluble liquids and glyphosate amination

  • Two storage sheds.
  • A 2.000 m2 courtyard for dispatching equipped with 2 automatic bays for loading and unloading of goods.
  • Laboratory and offices.
  • All of it situated in a 45.000 m2 industrial state.